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The French Room Bar

On Friday evening I had the pleasure of dining over at The French Room Bar here in Dallas located inside of The Adolphus Hotel. The service, the atmosphere and the FOOD blew me away! Literally my mouth is still drooling over that Croque Moniseur.

Fun Tamra Fact: I first discovered what a Croque Moniseur was while studying aboard at Parsons. I didn’t get the chance to study abroad at Howard and I knew that this was something I really needed to do while at grad school. Parsons gave us students the opportunity to study abroad during the Summer for a 5 week program. I chose London because I had always wanted to go there. London was simply amazing and reminded me so much of NYC. While in London another classmate and I decided to take the train over to Paris because it was so close. I happened to have a linesister living in Paris at the time so we had a free place to stay. #winning. My classmate, Emily, loved Paris and first introduced me to the Croque Monsieur. We had the perfect Parisian moment while eating our Croque Monsieur’s in a small French bakery.

If you’re ever looking for a chic date night spot or need a new drink spot for your girls I highly suggest going to The French Room. The chef selected three shareable plates for us, we had a reserved table waiting for us and had dinner by candlelight. I mean come on! I hope you caught my stories and first ever live because a good time was truly had! Have you had a chance to check out The French Room yet?


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