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The Vision...

Sneaker Styling Sunday’s is Bizack! My vision for this look was something I’d wear when I’d be out and about shopping with clients,

I’m in love with dresses right now, also it’s 100 degrees in Dallas and I need something that’s cute and flowy. Definitely nothing too tight. This dress is perfect for these how Texas summers! Now I needed a sneaker that would be comfy enough for me to walk around in all day. A true sneakerhead knows that not all sneakers are comfy. Let’s be real. This Nike Metcon is both comfy and super stylish and they’re leopard! Winning. But really I know a good leopard shoe option will match with so much in my closet & I’ll get four season wear out of it. You’ll def see me in these on repeat. Tam’s Tip: When buying a sneaker be sure to select an option that will not only work with your lifestyle but also your wardrobe! P.S. I’m a big kid.


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