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The Lioness ...

Truth is I’m frustrated. Frustrated with myself because I had these fitness goals that were supposed to happen by now. I try to always be a woman of my word and a part of me feels like I failed me. I hate that ish. But when a global pandemic hits and you don’t know where your next dollar is gonna come from ish happens. And for me that ish happens to be weight gain aka stress.

Like the true Lioness I am, I picked myself up and started to get back to work. I started working out again, started to get back on my routine and gave myself some grace. Again. I enjoy getting cute on a regular so I started wearing my cute Fabletics gear to the gym, not just for these pics. Slowly but surely the process started to work. And most importantly I felt mentally strong again. I’ve been back at it for 3 months now and I’m seeing my body change. I’ve started to feel like pre-pandemic Tamra.

It’s a journey, a marathon not a spring. I’m just happy that I’ve gotten these cute Fabletics sets to keep me feeling cute, motivated and strong. You should too.


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