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Step out!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard, scary and uncomfortable AF. It’s something that I preach to my clients on the regular. What’s the point of hiring a stylist if you’re only going to do what you’ve always done when it comes to your look?!?! As my client you’re not only stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to your clothes, you’re allowing me to take a control on your journey. It’s not easy but it’s always worth it. Again I say, styling is so much more than just picking out clothing for people. It’s way deeper than that. 

I also have to take my own advice and step out of my norm. Like this dress for example. I loved the colors when I saw it but it’s not my typical go to. When I tried it on I was like eh but when I saw it in these pics I knew that I made the right decision in selecting a style that was out of my comfort zone. It’s gorgeous & beautiful pictures still serve a purpose for us creators. 

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately? 

👗: @zara

👡: @stevemadden

👜: @brandonblackwoodnyc

📸: @j_parkerproductions 


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