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SSS x Custom Clothier

I freaking love creating Custom Clothing man. For a lot of men, like the majority, a custom sportcoat, suit or shirt just makes sense. Why do you ask? Because of for issues. A lot of men have broad shoulders/shoulder injuries, long or short torso, long arms, bigger thighs and when you try to make an off the rack item work the fit ends up being all wrong. Custom clothing just makes sense. 

@kahlanabarfield Future Collective collection at @target has all the girls in a chokehold. This leopard denim dress had me feeling chic and confident during my appointment! Of course I paired it with a pair of sneakers. I need to be able to move while measuring so sneakers are pretty much my go to while working. 

Gents in my network, let’s do this. Let’s get you some Custom gear! 


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