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Sneaker Styling Sundays

Sneaker Styling Sunday’s! Y’all know I’m a low-key sneaker head. Blessed to be in a position to cop a pair or two nowawdays as opposed to just salivating over fly kicks on the Internet. I often get asked on how to style sneakers.

I must admit I’ve incoporated more sneakers in my everday wardrobe over the last two years. I mean for the most part they’re super comfy and they give my body a break! All the years of working in fashion have taken a toll on my body. But also sneakers are fly. Period.

I’ve decided to start showcasing how I style my sneakers on Sunday’s. Whether that be traditional street style or pairing sneakers with a look you would never think of. I hope you’ll follow along on this new journey and shout me out when you style your sneaker looks! Tam’s Tip: Sis, if you’ve been thinking about the sneakers go ahead and buy em. They’re calling your name!


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