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Sneaker Styling Sunday’s

Welp we finally made it to Spring 2021! For some reason it felt like it took forever to finally make it here. This Spring I’m committed to pushing myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to Spring looks. I want to try items I never thought I could wear & find the perfect Spring dress for my body type. So far I think I’m off to the right start.

I found this dress from @zara! It came in this color and in baby blue. Naturally I was drawn to the blue option since it’s my fav color but decided to go with the brown one. The color is totally out of my wheelhouse but after some heavy thought I remembered I have 3 shoe options that would go well with the dress. I absolutely love how well these Blazers work with the dress. Of course I threw on a denim jacket option bc they’re my go to during Spring & bc a 3rd layer completes the look.

2021 is all about revival IMO so I encourage you to try something you wouldn’t dare select at first glance. What are you dying to try this Spring?

📸: @j_parkerproductions


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