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Sneaker Styling Sunday’s!

Sneaker Styling Sunday’s: Spring is on the horizon & I can feel it in my bones. I don’t know why but this upcoming Spring feels more like a rebirth, more than it has in the past years. Maybe it’s because we just came off of those horrible winter storms here in TX or because we’re coming up on a year of being in the Pandemic. Whatever it is I can’t wait for Spring to Spring!

OAN, I’m pretty proud of the way this look came together. I’m constantly pushing myself to create new looks out of my current wardrobe. I’ve had this skirt and sweater for over three years. I copped the jacket back in August during Nordy Anniversary sale & the sneaker gods blessed me with the opportunity to get these sneakers back in December. By simply adding a new piece to items I already owned I created a new look that can be paired with so much! I especially love how it came together with these sneakers.

📸: @j_parkerproductions & @brandonmassinburg


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