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Pink & Purple

Pink & purple have been one of my fav color combinations since I was a little girl. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll see how often I match the two colors together. It just works so effortlessly.

These pieces from @zara are just so good but most of all so versatile. I can literally wear these pieces so many ways. This look is my go to for client appointments and girls night out. Y’all know I’ll throw on a cute sneaker with this as well for those long standing days.

But most of all I’m COMFORTABLE in this look. I can do all the things and don’t feel constricted. One tip that I’m always telling clients on repeat is that your clothing should work for your lifestyle! If they don’t the items just sit in your closet. No Bueno.

Reminder you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style or to be elevated. Comfort is key.

📸: @j_parkerproductions


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