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Look at my jeans, I’m too thick. I ain’t got room for extra baggage

Whew child people will try to project their ideas and thoughts of who you should be onto you. And they will succeed if you let them. It’s taken me years to accept Tamra & there’s still parts of me that I’m fighting to accept fully. Sh*t it’s taken me years to step into my true purpose. 

I once had someone tell me that I should step behind the camera because I’m getting too old to continue to take pics. That I was playing in a young person’s game and that I should consider doing something else. A clear projection.  

In my past I have tried until I was blue in the face to explain to people my purpose. I tried so hard to get people to understand the visions that God had given me. I finally just had to stop. It’s my vision anyway, why would I expect others to understand MY vision for my life? It’s not for them. 

Look we all have baggage. Just try your hardest to not put your baggage into someone else’s. Them bags be hella heavy yo. 

📸: @jenniferp833


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