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Just Do You

Sneaker Styling Sunday’s: it’s the first Sneaker Styling Sunday of the year and I come with a simple message. Just Do You! Lots of resolutions and goal setting has started for many. I think that’s great but for me I often get overwhelmed with all of that bc honestly it’s never ending. Instead I’ve chosen to do me and focus on my own growth. I’ve written some things down, prayed over them and steady manifesting. One thing I do know is that in this here 2021 I don’t plan on putting any types of limits on my God. Amen. Amen.

Sweatshirt brought to you by the good folks over at @cnkdaily. It’s super super super soft.

Hair: @natashahairvivez

MUA: @_artistrybyashley

Styling: Me

📸: @jenniferp833


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