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The beginning of my workout journey...

Today will mark my 20th workout for the month of January. My gym Journey Fit has a challenge from Jan-March where you have to hit 20 workouts each month. I’ve been pushing my body like I’ve never done before. I want to see what my body can do!

To be clear I do this for me, not for anyone else. About three years ago after ending a toxic relationship and being stressed AF with my job I gained 20lbs out of nowhere. I was discouraged, hated my body and hella confused because I had finally started working out again. I’m a natural worrier and stress truly effects my body. Especially with having gastritis I have to be mindful of my stress levels. I was at a loss and decided that I was going to get my power back.

The funny thing is that I didn’t start to see a difference in my body until I joined Journey Fit AND really when I went vegetarian. I’m all about balance so now I’m a semi-vegetarian lol. During the week it’s vegetarian and I allow myself to have meat on the weekends. I had to find what works for me! Three years later and I can finally look at my body and not be disgusted. I’m 5lbs away from my new goals weight and I feel good. Focusing on having more fun with my fitness journey in 2020!


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