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Blue Dream

Blue is my fav color, cobalt blue to be precise. 💙💙💙 When I saw this @zara dress I knew it had to be mine! I was torn between getting it in black or blue but y’all already knew what color I was gonna chose. I mean the dress is on trend and in my fav color, it’s a no brainer. Plus I caught it on super sale too! Winning all around!

Tam’s tip: A good tailor is always needed on standby. If you don’t have one, go out and find one now! I’m probably going to have this dress taken in some. I’m always in between sizes thanks for this Texas Thickness. So I end up sizing up to allow for that extra room and then taking my items to be tailored after purchasing. For me I usually have to have items tailored around the bust, middle and waist areas. Do you have a good tailor on standby?


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