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BHM x Target

@target has pretty much been one of my fav retailers since I was a teenager. I’ve loved how the brand has been able to evolve with me as I’ve grown from child to adult. One thing that Target does right is fashion & they messed around and took it up a notch with their BHM fashion this year!

Just about every woman I know on these IG streets & in real life grabbed something from the @joliexnoireapparel x @targetstyle collab. I mean it’s everywhere & I’m not mad. The line is CUUUUUUUTE! When I saw this sweatshirt I immediately added to cart. Why you ask?!?! Because of that beautiful dark skin being showcased in those cute shoes! #shoelover

But my love for Target doesn’t just stop here. Did you know that the cotton for the BHM campaign came from @bridgeforthcotton?!?! Bridgeforth Cotton is Black-owned and operated & has been around since 1877. Two snaps for the details Target! #imallaboutthedetails

I don’t know about you but I’m about to be rocking these fits even harder simply because of the details. #bhm #blackbeyondmeasure #targetstyle #dallasblackbloggers

📸: @j_parkerproductions


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