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Sneaker Styling Sunday’s: I have some of the dopest friends & in the spirit of giving them their flowers while they’re here I’ll be shouting them out more in this year 2021! My Sister Wife Yuri is one of the flyest, dopest, most creative people I’ve ever come in contact with. She gets it honest because everyone in her family is the same way, they all get it from her Mama!

Last year Yuri and her sister Jamila launched &... ampersandellipses: a socially empowering clothing brand! Their inspirational tees are made with love for an evolving world. Not to mention their tees and sweatshirts are also super soft!

When the brand first launched their “Divine Femme” shirts I was hooked & when they launched it in a sweatshirt it was a no brainer for me. I love the meaning behind their brand, their items are soft and comfy AND I’m supporting a female, black owned business.

Once the sweatshirt launched I knew exactly what I would pair them with. Luckily I had these old joggers in my closet and when I saw these Nike blazers it was like yep that’s gonna be a fire fit!

Check out their shop for more great items!


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