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Boss Chic

This dress has sat in my closet for months & I was so unsure of it until this week. It wasn’t giving much hanger appeal when I saw it in store. The 1st time I tried it on I was like eh, the 2nd time I was still like eh but I knew that there was something about it that I liked. 

Then I wore it to a big meeting that I had this week and I felt like THAT CHICK! I felt confident and sexy and most of all I felt like a BOSS. I was even repeating to myself when I was walking into my meeting “who’s that chick, I’m that chick”. A saying my pro’s pro’s used to tell us as they hyped us up when we were about to come out at Howard. Shout out to Audacious. 

The point is if your clothes don’t make you feel like you’re the ISH when you’re walking into a big meeting then you need new clothes. Or you need to hire me. Period. 

📸: @j_parkerproductions


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